Friday, February 27, 2009

Just Scrap It!

This card was made with all scraps from THIS card, yep, even the main image was a "scrap" from that card. I had started the card with the dragon in pink, then wasn't sure I liked it and tried it in green, and, as you can see, went back to the original pink, leaving a fully colored and cut out image. I couldn't just leave it there all lonely, so I just threw this card together with the scraps that were on the table.
The front of this card is about an inch shorter than the back, and the patterned paper is actually on both the inside, and, when closed, shows on the outside too.

Stamps: Seymore's Sick Day (High Hopes) Running Stitches (TAC)
Paper: Lilly Ana SWIC and matching cardstock (TAC)
I colored as usual with watercolor pencil and dove blender pen.


  1. Wish my scraps came together like this! I really need to pull out my running stitch set! I love what you're doing with it!

  2. So cute! Your cards are always so cheery! Great job with the scraps!!