Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fairy Tales #1

I finally received my new stamps from TACs Serendipity (the new magalogue that is replacing a spring supplement!). They are now all cut and I was able to play this weekend. This is the first card I made with any of them.

White Cardstock 3x2" and cardbase
Pink Lilly Ana Cardstock 4 x 5.25"
Blue Lily Ana Cardstock 2.25 x 4.25"
Lilly Ana Patterned Paper 1.25 x 5.25"
Mini Brads (3)
Paper piercer and plastic canvas
Brown and Black ink
Coloring Medium (I used H2O pencils and blender)
Crystal Laquer
Step One:
Swipe edges of all pieces of paper and cardstock with brown ink except cardbase.

Step Two:
Stamp bird image in black onto 3x2" piece of white cardstock and color. Place a small dab of Crystal Laquer on each lense of her glasses. Put image aside for the laquer to dry.

Step Three:
Adhere the pink cardstock to the cardstock base. Adhere blue cardstock in the center of the pink cardstock.

Step Four
On patterned paper pierce holes where you would like the three brads to go and attach them. Adhere patterned paper across the center of the pink and blue cardstock.

Step Five:
When the laquer has dried use the plastic canvas and paper piercer to pierce holes in each corner of the white cardstock with the bird image. Adhere this piece to the cardfront.

I made this card by CASEing a card I received from my wonderful and talented up-upline, Avis. When I contacted her to let her know how much I loved the card, she informed me that SHE had CASEd it from another wonderful angel, Heather. Isn't CASEing fun?
I am going to upload the card Avis gave me closer to the end of the month, but am waiting since she is still sending them out as birthday cards to others this month. I don't know if any of them visit my blog, but I will wait just in case so that they can enjoy the surprise.


  1. Oh, I really think this is cute!

  2. Really nice Card! I really like your blog... I am bookmarking it and will visit for inspiration, and probably will do some casing! ;)