Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fairy Tales #2

This little Miss Moxie Kitty is an all purpose card. I showed it to a friend the other day and she asked, "But what would you use it for?" My response it, "Anything!" A thinking of you, birthday, get well, and, well, anything. It would just matter what I put on the inside of the card.

Purple Cardstock, 2.5 x3.5'; 4x 5.25"
Yellow Cardstock, 2.75 x1.75";3.75 x 5"; 2.75 x 3.75";
.25 x3.5
Miss Moxie patterned paper, 1.25 x3.5"
Palette Noir and Burnt Umber
Coloring medium of choice
Crystal Stickles
Paper piercer and plastic canvas

Step One:
Stamp cat with Noir ink. Color and carefully cot out. Put stickles on collar, hem, buttons and patch.
Set cat carefully aside a let the Stickles dry.

Step Two:
Using paper piercer and plastic canvas, pierce holes around the edge of the 3.5 x4.75" white cardstock.

Step Three:
Swipe edges of all cardstock pieces with brown ink.

Step Four:
Adhere the large yellow to the large purple piece of cardstock. Adhere the white paper pierced cardstock to that.

Step Five:
Adhere the patterned piece of Miss Moxie to the left hand side of the smaller purple cardstock, and then adhere the .25 x3.5 yellow strip of cardstock over where the two overlap. Adhere that purple cardstock to 2.75 x 3.75 yellow. Adhere to small piece of white cardstock to the center of the final piece of yellow cardstock, and adhere that piece to the center of the cardfront.

Step Six:
When the stickles are dry glue the cat to the white piece at the center of the card front.


  1. Cute! Great coloring! And I love the layering!

  2. I loved it Trudy! She's adorable- love the colors and the layout too! Absolutely agree this set is multi purpose!!