Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vacation to Maine

My boys and I just arrived back from visiting my family in Maine. We were out there to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday and stayed around for an extra week. My parents live on the same road as the oldest covered bridge in Maine, but the town road crews do not plow down to it at all in the winter. A small group, including my husband and sons, decided to walk down and see it anyways. The snow was packed down hard for the snowmobilers so they walked on top of the snow. The kids walked the 3 or so miles in, and then were pulled out on sleds.


Walking some more

First view of the bridge

Uncle Lance and BJ take a break

Anthony with his cousin David

Bj being pulled

Anthony pulling Brandon


  1. That bridge is beautiful! Would make a lovely scrapbook page. Looks like the boys all had fun in the snow!

  2. It's so amazing to see photo's like this, since I'm in Florida wearing flip flops. hehe.