Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hoppin" for Cupcakes

Do you recognize these? I made these a couple of months ago. I am reposting them because I am participating in a "Little Cupcake" blog hop. If you want to see a bunch of other GREAT projects using this set just follow the links at the bottom of this post.
Supplies: Lilly Ana SWIC with matching cardstock and ribbon, white cardstock, Lime green paper posies, coluzzle, punches, pink, black and brown ink, and watercolor pencils with a dove blender. (All supploes are from The Angel Company)
1. Melisa
2. Laurie
4. Barbra
5. Jen
11. Jany
12. Carol
13. Shirley
14. Gloria ??
15. Diana

To see all the cards I have made with this set just follow THIS link.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vacation to Maine

My boys and I just arrived back from visiting my family in Maine. We were out there to celebrate my dad's 60th birthday and stayed around for an extra week. My parents live on the same road as the oldest covered bridge in Maine, but the town road crews do not plow down to it at all in the winter. A small group, including my husband and sons, decided to walk down and see it anyways. The snow was packed down hard for the snowmobilers so they walked on top of the snow. The kids walked the 3 or so miles in, and then were pulled out on sleds.


Walking some more

First view of the bridge

Uncle Lance and BJ take a break

Anthony with his cousin David

Bj being pulled

Anthony pulling Brandon

Thursday, March 26, 2009

ATC Mouse

This little ATC sized card was actually made to go on a cardfrotn for a contest I was entering....but I didn't like it when I started to put the card together and switched to something else.
Stamp set: Fairy Tales (TAC)
Paper: DCWV and TAC Ivory
Accessories: paper piercer and plastic canvas, watercolor pencils and blender, little scissors

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Blog Hop

Are you in the mood for spring??? I am! To find some wonderful spring stamped creations follow the links at the bottom of the page.
This cute little bunny is part of TACs "I Love Easter" set. I love the set because it can be used for more than just the season it is made also works so well for birthday and thinking of you cards.
The paper is from the Lillyana SWIC, and the cardstock is the paper that co-ordinates with it.
To the the other creations go here:

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hooray for Me!

Recognize any of THESE cards??? Yep, that is right, I won a TAC contest!!!! I am SO super excited. I wanted so many sets out of the new Serendipity that there was NO way that I could afford them all. Now I will get some of the for FREE! That is right FREE! TAC has contests for its demo's to enter every month and the winners receive free rubber-what could be better? (Well, my DH would say cold, hard cash, but then I would feel guilty if I spent it on stamps, so I still say this is better =) )

These cards were all done using the same two stamp sets "Playful Kitties" and "Life is Short". I used Juliette paper and ribbons, and colored with watercolor pencil. The bottom card is the only one not previously posted on my blog.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Guest Designer on My Blog

That is right, I have a guest designer on my blog today. My friend Melora and I got together to stamp a couple of weeks ago and she made 3 cards while I finished one. She picked her favorite card from hers and has graciously let me put it up on my blog.

Now for a little about Melora. She is a six years old, homeschooled girl, who has lived all her life in this wonderful state. She loves animals and reading. She is also, as you can tell, an AVID stamper, and has already been stamping for years....probably since she could hold a stamp in her hands =).

Creating these cards was a bit of a challenge for both of us. I had only pulled out 4 of the clam shells that I keep my scraps in for us to play with. We could only use those scrap, plus white cardstock. Since each of these clam shells only had one color in it (like all shades of pink, etc.) it was kind of interesting. We also only had black ink and colored pencils for coloring....not the coloring medium that I am the most comfortable with. We also only had ribbon scraps that I had been shoving into some little baggies when I was too lazy to put them back where they belonged.

Here is Melora's card:


Stamps: Little Stinkers (TAC)

Black ink (retired TAC)

Hearts PP (Provo Craft) Pink PP (Walmart), silver ribbon (SU!), scalloped punch (TAC), and colored pencils

And this is the card that I came up up with.

Stamps: Little Stinkers (TAC), scallop punch, circle punch (both TAC), colored pencil, white gel pen (TAC), paper piercer and plastic canvas, gingham ribbon (Walmart), corner rounder (Walmart), and black retired TAC ink

Friday, March 20, 2009

Fairy Tales #5

With this card I have now used all the animals in the Fairy Tales set. They have been so much fun to work with, but I have other new sets calling my name (some called before I finished with this set, as you can see in some of the last posts, lol).

Stamps-"Fairy Tales" and "Running Stitches"
Paper: DCWV Golden Yellow2, Kaleidascope Girls (all TAC), white cardstock
Ink: Palette Noir
Accessories: Square mini Brads, watercolor pencil and dove blender, colored pencil

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fairy Tales #4


Stamp: Running Stitches and Fairy Tales (both TAC)

Paper: DCWV Cardstock, Just Like Dad (TAC), White Cardstock

Ink: Palette Noir and Cowboy Boots (retired TAC ink)

Accessories: Mini Brads, white gel pen, circle punches, and scallop punch, watercolor pencil and blender pen

Monday, March 16, 2009

Big Brothers

Julia is blessed to have such wonderful big brothers. The biggest problem I forsee is having to keep them from spoiling her to death. They are already her favorite "toys," besides dad, of course.

Julia thinks she is big stuff being able to stand up in the exer-saucer. She loves being able to see everything that is going on, and thinks she is a part of the games that the boys play near her.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Monkey Business #1

This is another one of my new sets from "Serendipity", TACs new magalogue (part magazine, part catalogue). It is called "Monkey Business"
Brown Cardstock
Purple Cardstock
White Cardstock; Cardbase,
Mini Brad
Paper flower
Corner Rounder for scallops
watercolor pencils and blender
Paper piercer

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mimi Thank You

This cute little card is for my neighbor. She made my daughter a beautiful Tinkerbell fleece blanket a baby gift, but since it came later than most of my gifts, I forgot to get a thank you over to her. I almost feel too embarrased to give it to her at all it has been so long, but I keep telling myself, "It is better late than never!"


Stamp sets: "Little Stinkers", "Running Stitches', and "Ordinary Greetings" (all TAC)

Ink: Palette Noir and retired TAC Cowboy Boots (brown)

Paper: DCWV Green cardstock, TAC Ivory and Brown cardstock, and TACs Mimi SWIC for the patterned paper and tag.

Accessories:Paper piercer, plastic canvas, corner rounder (for scallops), mini brads, square snap, crop-a-dile, adhesive, SU! ribbon (not a perfect match, but I was out of my Mimi green =( ), and watercolor pencils with a dove blender.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another Blog Hop!

I am so excited to be participating in another blog hop!! This time we are using TACs beautiful "Blissfully Ever After" set,

I chose to do a View Master card with this The size is 4x4.

Supplies: Red, White, and Black cardstock, cuttlebug folder, mini brad, punch, grosgrain ribbon, crystal sticles, palette noir, watercolor pencil, and dove blender

Here are links to the other great blogs using this set

Friday, March 6, 2009

Fairy Tales #3

When my MIL was looking through the Serendipity magalogue with me and she saw this little bear he thought he looked like a cowboy. I didn't see it at first, but the idea grew on me. I combined the new "Fairy Tales" set with an old favorite "Wild West" I also used the stamp set "Running Stitches"

Ivory Cardstock: 3.5 x4.75, 2.75 x2", scrap for hat
Brown Cardstock: 5.25 x 4", 3x 2.25", 5 x 1.25"
Green Cardstock: scrap for 3 stars, 5 x3.75",
1 1/8x5"
6 Mini Brads
Black and Brown Ink
Coloring medium
Swiss Dot Embossing folder
Paper Piercer
Big Shot

Step One:
Stamp and cut out stars (from Wild West set). Emboss 3.5 x4.75" ivory cardstock and the stars at the same time by running them through the Big Shot in the folder together.
Step Two:
Stamp, color, and cut out cowboy hat. Stamp the teddy bear on the small ivory cardstock. Color. Glue the hat in position on his head. Swipe the edges of the ivory with the brown ink pad.
Step Three:
Glue the stamped image to the center of the 3x 2.25" brown cardstock.
Step Four:
Stamp the "Running Stitch" on each edge of the 1 1/8x5" green cardstock, and adhere it to the 5 x 1.25" brown cardstock.
Step Five:
Adhere the embossed ivory to the green cardstock, and then adhere the green cardstock to the brown.
Step Six:
Adhere the brown and green strip of cardstock about 1/3 up from the bottom of the embossed ivory cardstock. Adhere the teddy bear image over this (see picture).
Step Seven:
Pierce three holes evenly through the cardfront, to the left of the teddy bear image, on the the green strip. Adhere the stars by placing them where desired around the bear image, then piercing a hole through both the stars and the card front and attaching with brads.

The cardfront is now ready to be attached to a cardbase.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Time Flies

Many have asked about Juliana and wanted to see new pics. So here they are. Can you believe that she is already 4.5 MONTHS old!!!! Time flies waaay to fast, but the time is fun...well, at least most of the time. She is close to sleeping through the night, but I will be quite excited when it starts happening consistently.

I love this last picture, she seems to have such an attitude.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fairy Tales #2

This little Miss Moxie Kitty is an all purpose card. I showed it to a friend the other day and she asked, "But what would you use it for?" My response it, "Anything!" A thinking of you, birthday, get well, and, well, anything. It would just matter what I put on the inside of the card.

Purple Cardstock, 2.5 x3.5'; 4x 5.25"
Yellow Cardstock, 2.75 x1.75";3.75 x 5"; 2.75 x 3.75";
.25 x3.5
Miss Moxie patterned paper, 1.25 x3.5"
Palette Noir and Burnt Umber
Coloring medium of choice
Crystal Stickles
Paper piercer and plastic canvas

Step One:
Stamp cat with Noir ink. Color and carefully cot out. Put stickles on collar, hem, buttons and patch.
Set cat carefully aside a let the Stickles dry.

Step Two:
Using paper piercer and plastic canvas, pierce holes around the edge of the 3.5 x4.75" white cardstock.

Step Three:
Swipe edges of all cardstock pieces with brown ink.

Step Four:
Adhere the large yellow to the large purple piece of cardstock. Adhere the white paper pierced cardstock to that.

Step Five:
Adhere the patterned piece of Miss Moxie to the left hand side of the smaller purple cardstock, and then adhere the .25 x3.5 yellow strip of cardstock over where the two overlap. Adhere that purple cardstock to 2.75 x 3.75 yellow. Adhere to small piece of white cardstock to the center of the final piece of yellow cardstock, and adhere that piece to the center of the cardfront.

Step Six:
When the stickles are dry glue the cat to the white piece at the center of the card front.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fairy Tales #1

I finally received my new stamps from TACs Serendipity (the new magalogue that is replacing a spring supplement!). They are now all cut and I was able to play this weekend. This is the first card I made with any of them.

White Cardstock 3x2" and cardbase
Pink Lilly Ana Cardstock 4 x 5.25"
Blue Lily Ana Cardstock 2.25 x 4.25"
Lilly Ana Patterned Paper 1.25 x 5.25"
Mini Brads (3)
Paper piercer and plastic canvas
Brown and Black ink
Coloring Medium (I used H2O pencils and blender)
Crystal Laquer
Step One:
Swipe edges of all pieces of paper and cardstock with brown ink except cardbase.

Step Two:
Stamp bird image in black onto 3x2" piece of white cardstock and color. Place a small dab of Crystal Laquer on each lense of her glasses. Put image aside for the laquer to dry.

Step Three:
Adhere the pink cardstock to the cardstock base. Adhere blue cardstock in the center of the pink cardstock.

Step Four
On patterned paper pierce holes where you would like the three brads to go and attach them. Adhere patterned paper across the center of the pink and blue cardstock.

Step Five:
When the laquer has dried use the plastic canvas and paper piercer to pierce holes in each corner of the white cardstock with the bird image. Adhere this piece to the cardfront.

I made this card by CASEing a card I received from my wonderful and talented up-upline, Avis. When I contacted her to let her know how much I loved the card, she informed me that SHE had CASEd it from another wonderful angel, Heather. Isn't CASEing fun?
I am going to upload the card Avis gave me closer to the end of the month, but am waiting since she is still sending them out as birthday cards to others this month. I don't know if any of them visit my blog, but I will wait just in case so that they can enjoy the surprise.