Friday, July 3, 2009

New Camera But NO Stamping

My husband is on a forced "vacation" this week, as his work closed down for the week to save some money. Because of that I am not getting much done around the house. We did have a fun day yesterday. We went to the Nature Center which is near the Tulsa Zoo and went on a short hike, were able to look inside a honey bee hive, and a few other neat things while there. We will definitely be going back for some of the "classes" they hold for kids. While there I was able to play around a little with my new camera. Here are 3 of the pics that I took. Julia was my subject because the boys wouldn't sit still. Of course, she wouldn't have either if she had a choice, but she isn't that mobile yet.


  1. Those are beautiful pictures!!!

  2. And you're a fantastic photographer, too!!! Wow!

  3. These photos were much better than stamping, agreed.