Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My Cowboys

This is what my little cowboys looked like Sunday morning before church. They had been able to get ready for church early and so decided to play cowboys (Anth received old Roy Rogers movies from Grandma for his bday). They were so cute I made them stop so I could get pictures. They loved it, and believe it or not, on both of these they posed themselves...Anthony just HAD to have one of him going for his guns (can you see them tucked into his belt?), since he insists he is a really FAST draw. Brandon was shooting behind him, whether he was shooting at a chasing posse, or is being chased by bad guys, who knows.


  1. I love how you edited the pics with the sepia tone and border. Awesome!

  2. ohhhhh, they are soooo cute!!!! When Hayden saw this pic, he said it made him miss Anth more!! Today Anthony read a Curious George book to Hayden over the phone, it was cute!

  3. Your getting some great shots with that new camera! This are adorable in the sepia... Will be watching to see them turned into fabulous scrapbook pages!