Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Here is picture of the top of my stamping desk...and I wonder why I can't create anything? This all started because I had a larger project to do, and not wanting to be shut away from the family, I did it on the kitchen table. When I was done I just dumped it on top of my desk. Add to that the leftovers from a FUNshop, and I could no longer even find the top of my desk . Not able to find the top of my desk to stamp on, I started doing ALL my cards and projects on the kitchen table, and dumping the leftovers....and here you see the results of laziness (oops, did that slip out)

I hate to say it, but this is not even all of the stuff that would normally be on the top of my desk when it is clean, since they are spread out between our study and kitchen, having never even made it back to my stamping "room" to be dumped.

This room is my major housecleaning project of the day. I am going to post pics of the finished desktop tomorrow....if I don't, yell at me, ok?
This last picture is a close up of the top of my desk, or at least what WAS my desk.


  1. What a mess. It looks like your moms desk

  2. What a mess!! It looks like your moms desk.