Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Brandon At Bat

This is a clip of Brandon batting in their first real game of the season. I wish I had been able to get one of his very first at bats in video, they were hilarious. He would get a GREAT hit, and then take off down the baseline...well, take off on tip toes that is, and prance to base, while grinning and waving at his adoring fans-all the mothers in the stands. I think I missed it for good though, he is actually realizing that the other team really is trying to get him out, unlike dad when they play at home. After the first couple of games he told us on the way home "Maybe when I am 5 I will make it to first." To his delight he has now actually scored which the next clip shows.

In one game they had the fastest kid on the team batting after Brandon-um, not a good idea. Thankfully Dallas was paying attention to the third base coach and both times slowed down to BJ's snail pace, touching the base right behind him. Sorry for the sun glare in this picture, but these are evening games, and I get what I can get.

Oh, and both of their coaches are called Brandon, plus there is another kid on the team called Brandon, and then there is also a Braden. It can be kind of confusing at times.

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