Saturday, November 21, 2009

Happy Mail

I love getting happy mail...that is the kind of mail you find amid the bills and junk, the ones that someone sent just because they care. I received some of that mail from my friend Diana earlier this week. Yep, that is the same Diana that sends me so many stamped images, and yes, she sent more this time too, but she also included some other fun things that SHE created. She is to super talented. So what do you think? Are they not just tooooo cute?

And here are some close ups, I love how the top of this card pulls out of the "pot" to reveal a hidden message. The little girl is a TAC stamp, but I am not sure where she found any of her other supplies.

And isn't this just adorable, or what?
It was yummy too, lol. I think they might have been meant for the boys, since she sent two of them. but I chose to pretend that she wanted to double bless ME, so I ate them both...what can I say, I was craving chocolate, and there was none in the house.


  1. How cute are these! Dont'cha just love getting happy mail???

  2. Super cute Trudy and not only is Happy Mail great so is having such a creative and thoughtful friend.


  3. Ahhhhhhhhh Trudy Im blushing haha'
    Love ya