Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Spunky Sprite Girls #1

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you this little cutie! I received this stamp set as a thank you for the work I had done for Mischelle on TACs Savvy Projects blog, and I used it for a FUNshop I am doing tonight.
There are going to be quite a few new stampers there, so I wanted something that was easy, yet fun. The idea was to have them leaving feeling like "I CAN do this!", instead of being overwhelmed.
I featured paper piecing, stickles, and our WONDERFUL Grey Tomboy marker (see the shadows under the little girl?). I also barely touched on watercolor pencil and blender pens.
The sentiment is from our newest supplement, called "The Avenue". It is called "Sending a Latte". I cut the "a Latte" off so that the set does not HAVE to be used with coffee images, but one of the wonderful things about unmounted stamps is that I can always put it back together to use for those coffee cards as well =).
To see the other card we will do tonight you will have to check back tomorrow. After that we will return to our regularly scheduled programs, lol.


  1. This set is so cute! Great card!

  2. Just adorable Trudy... as all your cards are!I love her plaid jumper!