Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Just a Little Julia

I can't believe how old my daughter is! In a little over 2 weeks she will be a year old! Where does the time go?

Julia LOVES books, thanks to her Auntie Rose and her brother Anthony. Rose is a librarian, and she send my kids boxes of books every year. When I was expecting, one of those books was on babies. Anthony read it and found out that you should read to a baby from a newborn. So he started reading to her the day she came home. He put the book about 6 inches from her face (the book on babies had told him that is how far away babies can see) and started reading it to her. At that time she could care less, but as time went on, she came to love books-and her big brother.
She was being a little stinker the day I took these pics. I had a really hard time getting her to look at the camera. The first picture here is the only okay one that I DID get. I kept trying to cajole her into looking at the camera until she finally had enough. She looked at me with a mutinous expression, and then spun around on her little hiney, and gave me her backside to take pictures of. LOL! I gave up at that point...score one for Julia. I will save my wins for days that really matter...and I was sooo hoping she would LIKE to have her picture taken

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