Monday, July 12, 2010

Memory Verse Monday

Every Monday, for as long as I can keep up with it, I am going to start sharing some of the pages that I made for my sons memory verse books when they were very little. We haven't kept up these, so they have forgotten many of the verses. Our plan is to relearn them as they are posted, and then to add more verses after that. This way Julia can join in with us as she grows, and we can do better at hiding God's Word in our hearts.

I am not going to post these in the way that they were made, but instead in the order they are in Anthony's book (the first book I started), and I believe that they are in biblical order. You will see some of my "artistic" style change through out the book. The book is fun for me to go through, just for this reason, although some of the older ones make me cringe =).

Here is the first one from Psalms 1

Here are a couple of things I posted a couple of years ago. The only page before Psalms 1 is posted there

Older Memory Pages
Video Of Boys (4 years ago)

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  1. Wonderful way to help your children learn, can't wait to watch your style change through the posts :-)