Monday, April 12, 2010

Bug of Fun 1

I colored with watercolor pencil, punched the circles, and that is about it for this simple, simple card. That is about all I have had time to create lately. Oh, yeah, and I did add a couple of brads to the "hub caps."

Stamp set: Bug of Fun

What else has been going on at our house? Well, Julia has the chicken pox! She had her vaccine about a little over a week ago and Saturday afternoon started running a fever, Sunday she broke out in a rash and ran a fever all day. Today, besides itching, she is feeling fine. I guess it is a lot easier than the "real" chicken pox would be (without the vaccine), but I still feel sorry for the poor girl.
Neither of these pictures shows her "spots" very well, they are ALL over her face. I am not a photographer, so I am not sure what is keeping the spots from showing up in the pics.


  1. Love the yellow bug - yellow is a perfect for the VW bug. And your DD is a cutie with or without the "spots".

  2. Trudy your card is GREAT! The coloring is perfect! :)

    Julia is sure getting big! No fun with the CPox! Hope she gets better soon!

  3. Cute card!!

    Oh my goodness, you have such a precious little doll, even with spots!! She is so cute! I hope she gets over them soon.

  4. Great card, so sorry about the chicken pox... darn it! She is a cutie!

  5. love the card ... feel so bad for your little one ... the pox are no fun!!!

  6. Your little one is getting so fast! She is adorable even with the chicken pox! Hopefully they will be gone soon and the itching will stop!

    Love the card! I may have to break down and buy that set!! You did a wonderful job on the coloring!