Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

I am really busy right now. I have had two sick kids since Friday...they are acting somewhat better today, so hopefully we are through the worst of it.

I am also getting ready for an Angel gathering in Kansas at the end of the month. I am so excited about going, but don't have a single swap ready, and at the rate I am going I will not have a prop swap at all. Are any of you reading this going to be there???

The point of all that is that I have no new cards to share today =(, and it will be slim pickings until the end of the month. Since my SIL Maryah was giving me a hard time about not having pics of my family on here I thought I would add a couple pics of my kids. These were taken a couple of months ago since I can't find my cord to download the new ones off my camera.

We were at the Will Rogers museum in Claremore, OK. The kids loved the dress up area, and then they could go out on a stage and "act" for us, while we sat in the "audience" seats.

Now, y'all, doesn't Anthony look like a true Osborn??? And a kid from Oklahoma? I think he looks SOOO much like Wayne here.

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  1. I am reading Trudy - and girl youbetter get BUSY!!! 60 swap cards and a prop swap by next friday. And I am also expecting some wowzers contest entries! :-)
    Don't fret i have not started yet either!