Friday, August 27, 2010

Free Money!

Free money?!? Well, not exactly free money, but as close as you can get without cold hard cash being handed over to you.

What am I talking about? SWAGBUGS! I discovered a couple of months ago, and I believe I am in love. What is it? It is a website from which you can either search/surf the web, or download their tool bar and search from there (the former way can earn you some extra bucks, and, for using their tool bar they randomly hand you over swagbucks. These can be traded in on their site for fun items, gift cards, and more. Check out their site for more details on this. I am redeeming mine for Amazon gift cards so that I can get gifts at Christmas time-free! Having money put into a paypal account is another way to redeem these bucks, and from there they could be transferred to your bank account...I guess that is cold hard cash, lol.

Another really cool thing, and the reason I am making this post, is that you can sign people up under you. You then earn swag bucks for every buck they receive while searching the web (up to $1000 swagbucks for each friend). Soooo, if you are interested in earning some dough this way, and helping out a friend at the same time, you can sign up here (copy and paste it to your browser, since I can't get it to link directly there).

Two other friends of mine are also doing this, so if you would like to help their wonderful families, send out a message to Jessica H. or Abby C. to find out the code you need to be added as a referral for them. This is just too much like free money to pass it by. =)


  1. I do swag bucks! Been doing it for about a month or more. :)

  2. I love swagbucks too! I have been using it for a few months now.