Monday, January 4, 2010

Watercolor Plants 2

This card was a CASE of my friend Chris' card

I changed it up a bit, but the inspiration came from her card. In the first picture I was trying to show you the shimmer I put on these flowers using my new glitter pen...I love it!!! I am able to put glitter in such small spaces.
The stamps used are "Script Background" and "Watercolor Plants" I hadn't even given watercolor plants a second glance in the catty until I started seeing some really cute cards using it. I couldn't even remember it being IN the catty, so I had to go and find it. It is now in my hands, and I believe you will be seeing much more of it in the future...and know what else, the set only costs $8.95!!!


  1. Beautiful Card!! Exactly what happened to me . . . didn't know we had this set until I saw cute cards here and there and now I want this set!

  2. I like this better than my original one! :) Really lovely.