Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Field Trip to a Kids Museum

These pics are about a month old, but I just finally downloaded them off my camera. The boys and I, and 3 other homeschooling moms, went to a museum a couple of hours away. It was SO much fun, the boys had such a blast.

The first pic shows Anthony peddling a bike, the skeleton in the box imitates his movements, so he could see what his bones do inside his body. In the second pic Brandon and one of the other pre-K boys, Jonathon) experiment with bubbles. And the last picture shows Anthony, Darin, and Joseph (and unknown girl) trying to get a huge bubble up around their bodies and over their head. I don't think it ever worked with more than one person in it.
I would have had more pics, but my batteries died early in the day.

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